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Dicionários e aprendizagem

1. Brief history of didactic lexicography.

2. Users and usage of didactic dictionaries (circle of users, usage situations, student level).

3. Types of didactic dictionaries (general and encyclopedic, monolingual and bilingual, bilingual didactic dictionaries, specialized didactic dictionaries).

4. Microstructures, macrostructures, mediostructures, purposes served by didactic dictionaries.

5. Principles of compilation of didactic dictionaries: usability (location, understandability of the data), corpus-based validation (methods for data verification, authenticity, frequency, basic vocabulary), combined transmission of linguistic and technical knowledge (cultural contents, encyclopedic didactic dictionaries).

6. Compilation of didactic dictionaries: explanation of meanings (definitions, vocabulary of the definitions, syntax of the definition, lexicographic examples, non-verbal clarifications).

7. Media change in didactic lexicography: use of modern audiovisual technology (hypermedia structures, audiovisual material, text material, elements of practice, intensive reference structures).

8. Didactics of dictionaries (dictionaries for foreign and second language learning, strategies for dictionary usage, exercises and supplementary material in the dictionary).

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