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1. Introduction, theory and practice of lexicography, terminology issues.

2. 2.1. Functional theory.2.2. Lexicography as art. 2.3. The study of lexicography and dictionary (target audience, functions of the dictionary, the dictionary theme, type of dictionary).

3. Methods in lexicography.

4. Textual theory and argumentation theory as a basis for studying the dictionary.

5. What is a ‘lemma’?

6. Macrostructures: alphabetic structures, systematic / conceptual, etc..

7. Microstructure: theory.

8. The lexicographic descriptions in print and electronic dictionaries.

9. General dictionaries, monolingual dictionaries, bilingual dictionaries, specialized dictionaries; registerand usage, indices, etc.

  1. Front matter, intermediate parts and back matter: preface, epilogue, index and synopsis.

11. Front matter and back matter: Guide to the dictionary.

12. Access structures.

13. Electronic dictionaries, search terms, search interface, navigation.

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