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1st semester
Theoretical and methodological underpinnings of lexicography51ste-learning
Option I51stT-P
Option II51stT-P
English or Option III
German or Option IV51stT-P
2nd semester (choose 6 CUs) Károli Gáspár Református Egyetem (Budapest) (2016) (Erasmus)
History of lexicography52nd(mobility)
Learner Lexicography52nd(mobility)
Using dictionaries52nd(mobility)
Dictionaries for special purposes, encyclopedias52nd(mobility)
Computational lexicography52nd(mobility)
Dictionaries and translation52nd(mobility)
Lexicography and lexicology52nd(mobility)
Dictionary planning and production52nd(mobility)
Dictionary planning and production52nd(mobility)
3rd semester
Problems of Lexicography103rde-learning
Professional traineeship103rdtraineeship
Option V53rdT-P
Option VI53rdT-P
4th semester
Master's dissertation304thdissertation
Curricular Units for the options (1st S and 3rd S)
The student should choose any course of the postgraduate degree programmes of the UMinho that is taught in Portuguese or English or German and considered adequate by the Directorate of the Master's Degree Programme. 51st and 3rdT-P
  • English
  • 51stT-P
  • German
  • 51stT-P