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Erasmus Mundus programme: Erasmus Mundus Scholarship (2015-2018)

The European Master in Lexicography (EMLex) is an international Master’s degree programme (120 ECTS) that includes a joint summer semester abroad for all students in cooperation with the following universities and institutions:

Partner universities:

    Associated partners:

    The main motivation of the teachers who integrate the Consortium was the need to create a project that would focus on the study of lexicography at an inter-university level, and would provide not only the academic and research qualifications needed in this area of study, but also the future inclusion of students in the labour market.This latter aspect is particularly relevant since there isn’t a specific route for the qualification of lexicographers in the different countries of the Consortium.

    The uniqueness of this Masters also lies in the fact that there isn’t another project with these characteristics, both at national and European levels.

    The total number of ECTS is 120 (30 per semester), combining Curricular Units (CU) of 5 or 10 credits to facilitate the adaptation of programs and regulations of all universities of the Consortium.

    In the first semester, along with an introduction to basic concepts of lexicography (in the form of e-learning), as well as enhanced knowledge of English and German (for students below A2 or B2, respectively), students may attend other existing CUs from other Masters programs offered by the Institute of Arts and Humanities.

    Students and teachers spend the second semester at one of the universities of the Consortium under mobility schemes (Maribor, in 2010-11; Barcelona in 2011-12; Erlangen, in 2012-13; Santiago de Compostela, in 2014-15; Braga, in 2014-15; Budapest, 2015-16; Katowice, in 2016-2017; Nancy, in 2017-2018). The Erasmus exchange program provides funding for teacher and student mobility.

    In the third semester, an innovative CU in videoconferencing format will allow students to deepen their lexicographical knowledge. The Master program further offers two more elective CUs from other Master’s programs of the Institute of Arts and Humanities, consolidating its job-oriented profile with a traineeship of at least four weeks at a specialized publishing house.

    Students shall devote the fourth and last semester to the preparation of a Master’s dissertation.