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2º semestre internacional (Erasmus): Braga

In addition to the national and international faculty of experts, all of whom are PhD holders, mostly full professors, associate professors and directors of Research Centers of the institutions that make up the Consortium, the mobility of students and teachers under the Erasmus Program, which takes place in the summer term of each year, is also an important feature of the EMLex. Students and teachers spend the second semester at one of the universities of the Consortium: Maribor in 2011, Barcelona in 2012, Erlangen, in 2013; Santiago de Compostela, in 2014.  In 2015 the second semester of the Programme was hosted by the University of Minho (in Braga, Portugal). This year the EMLex students came from the following universities to participate in the annual teaching semester:

The following courses were taught (in English or German):

A1: Metalexikographie / Metalexicography (Rufus H. GOUWS and Zita HOLLÓS)

A2: Geschichte der Lexikographie / History of lexicography (Martina NIED)

A3: Lernerlexikographie / Learner Lexicography (Monika BIELIŃSKA and Thomas HERBST)

A4: Das Wörterbuch und seine Benutzung   / Using dictionaries (Carolin MÜLLER-SPITZER and Álvaro IRIARTE S.)

A5: Fachwörterbücher, Lexika, Enzyklopädien / Dictionaries for special purposes, encyclopedias (Ulrich HEID and Idalete DIAS)

A6: Computerlexikographie / Computational lexicography (Ulrich HEID, Alberto SIMÕES and José J. ALMEIDA)

A7: Wörterbücher bei der Übersetzung / Dictionaries and translation (Maria José DOMÍNGUEZ VÁZQUEZ and Ewa MYRCZEK-KADŁUBICKA)

A8: Lexikographie und Lexikologie / Lexicography and lexicology (Éva BUCHI and Carlos VALCÁRCEL RIVEIRO)

A9: Wörterbuchplanung und Wörterbucherstellung  / Dictionary planning and production (Stefan H. ENGELBERG)

The EMLex summer term started on February 23th (A1: Metalexikographie ) and ended on June 5th (A3: Lernerlexikographie). Although students must choose 6 courses to complete this semester, they were advised to attend all courses, which had been taught on an intensive basis (1 week).

The working languages of EMLex summer term were English and German. Some courses were taught in English, some in German and some in both languages.

The current group consists of 9 students: 6 students from Katowice, 1 student from Erlangen, 1 student from Nancy, and 1 student from Braga.

In keeping up with an EMLex tradition that each group of students gets the name of a famous lexicographer from the hosting country, the current group was named the “Jerónimo Cardoso” cohort. Jerónimo Cardoso was born in Lamego, a little city in northern Portugal. Cardoso is believed to have been born around 1508 (Teyssier,  1980;  Nascimento, n.d.; Verdelho, 2007).

Jerónimo Cardoso published, in 1562, a Portuguese-Latin bilingual dictionary  entitled Dictionarium ex Lusitanico in Latinum Sermonem. It is considered to be the first dictionary of the Portuguese language (with 12064 entries). There are references to lexicographic works that are previous to this date, but none was found (Verdelho, 2007).

The Dictionarium ex Lusitanico in Latinum Sermonem is a bilingual Portuguese-Latin vocabulary (or, in the words of Quemada (1968), semi-bilingual dictionary), similar to the ones that we can find in other European languages.

In the National Library of Portugal (http://www.bnportugal.pt/) we have access to digital copies of Cardoso’s lexicographical works (http://purl.pt/index/geral/aut/PT/28302.html): The Dictionarium ex Lusitanico in latinum sermonem (1562)[6] and to nine different editions of the Dictionarium latino lusitanicum, et lusitanico latinum (1643)[7].

In 2016 the summer semester will be hosted by the Károli Gáspár Református Egyetem Budapest.

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