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History of lexicography

1. General Introduction. Objectives, content and structure of the module. Bibliographic recommendations.

2. Origins of lexicography.

3. Medieval Lexicography: a) Glossography of the Middle Ages, b) Dictionaries of Latin and lexicography of late medieval Latin.

4. Lexicography of Humanism.

5. National languages in Lexicography.

6. History of lexicographic structures: a) Idioms in dictionaries, b) Conceptions of the macrostructure, c) other.

7. Specialized historical dictionaries.

8. Encyclopedias and dictionaries in the passage of the Middle Ages to the Modern Age.

9. Historical lexicography in the European context: nexuses, commonalities and particularities in the history of European lexicography (Germany, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and South Eastern Europe).

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